Monday, March 31, 2014

The Lady Who Uses The Most Colors In The World

Wow I can't believe that I interview someone like this!  Mireya works in her house can you believe that. She said to me that teachers are important because they help you get through life.  Did you know that Mireya does a lot in her home.  How cool is that?  It's a lot for her because she has two take care of buisnes and she has to be a boss while doing the designs.  I learned a lot from her and important stuff.  One day I want to be just like her.  Her career is Graphic Design @ Phi Design.  Next she gave out good advice.  After she talk about her career her advice to us was extend kindness and remember to give.  She said we will be surprised how extending kindness can open up worlds you may not know exist and stay curious.  She went to Art Center of Design.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Live interview with the amazing Samantha

Today we interviewed Samantha.  Samantha went  to school at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. She earned a Doctor of Pharmacy which is a graduate degree. She had to take specific classes in biology and medical science to join the School of Pharmacy. She works at St. Mary's Hospital, and her job is like a safety officer. She calls and she picks the right and safe medicine so the patients can become healthy again. She takes orders from doctors and nurses. She tells the nurses the safe mixture of different types of medicine. She has to double check her worked at the hospital.  She works as a team with other pharmacist. There are two types pharmacist.  Some pharmacists work in retail, and some work in hospitals. Before she worked at the hospital she worked in retail at Target.  All medication in the hospital is her responsible. Now that she works at the hospital she misses talking to different people. I had a interesting time, and I can't believe we interviewed someone live in our classroom. I can't wait to interview someone else.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My good interview

Welcome to my interview with Elizbeth.She told me lots of stuff about her.Her advice for me was do what you want to do and follow the right path and not the bad on.When I interviewed her she told me that she was a little shy in high school and elementary.But when she start to grow up she wasn't that shy. I also no that she went to I U witch stands for Indiana University she said she had a good time she said she had a lot of friend's.Did you no that she is a good person and she likes to go to school a lot.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Myron way of life growing up

This week interview Myron! He told me lots of stuff about him and I can't Waite to tell you. When I first interview him he wanted to get to no everybody so the hole class told him there name.Then he started talk about his life.Ok he was born in flent Michigan where his hole family was. He started to grow he was a creative kid when he was little.Did you no he was oldest brother and when his mom or dad was not around he took care of them.Whille he was growing up he went to Michigan state university and he wanted to get a degree and he did.One day he was interested in engeneering  and he wanted to work with cars and stuff like that.Before he realized he didn't want to be a engeneer he want to start his own  businesses and he wanted two.His thing was he did like engeneering but he wanted to try something else and that was make his own two business and he did and that's how he grew up so wonderful.

Friday, October 11, 2013

I got my i's on Leigh

I interview Leigh,she told me that she didn't like to get bossed around at work.  Did you no that she took over her dad spot when he retried from work.  Leigh told me that when you need somebody for some help all you got to do is ask.  She said the thing that change for her was her dream because they  keep putting her in other college's and she lots her degree.  What I learned from her was in life some people like you and some people don't.  She told me that she start to drive at 13 because she was born on the farm.  Leigh told me that when she worked at the bank she did not like to work with people money.  When she was about 13 or 14 she started to babysit little kids.  At first she wanted to be a mucis teacher but she noticed that she didn't like it.  Leigh told me shed like to go around the world and see other stuff. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My College Career

Hi, the college I want to go to is University of Louisville because my mom friend went there and son goes there and he is doing good .  The city of the college is in Louisville Kentucky and the state is Kentucky.  I want to go to that college because they said that you can get any degree that you want, so I'm going there to get a fire  science degree .  My career is to be a singer and a dancer and help kids around the word .  I choose that college because I hear that it is a good college so I want to try it . 
  I chose that because I like to dance and sing at home a lot .  When I told my how I wanted to live in Kentucky she was happy for me and she was about to cry .  My dad want me to go down there because he don't want me to stay down here .  I told my grandmother that I was coming down there to live with her she was so happy.  When I do get to 2025 I can thank my best teacher in the world and she's the one I love in my heart is Ms. Mckearn.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My interview with Michael

I learned all about Michael because he told me that some of his jobs can be hard and fun .  I know that he had to stay in college for ten years to get his degree and he did .  Michael likes to be a architecture for his job because he likes to draw and his favorite subject is art .  Michael earned his bachelor's degree in architecture from UNC Charlotte that's why he got great job now . He said that you can't get to comfortable then you get to comfortable you can't hdo nothing you want grow at all .  Michael said that when he did not get It people told him to keep trying and he got It .  Michael said when you practice is the frequent and continued contemplation of the mode of executing any given work .  Michael said that architecture in general spans of great many Ideas and places .  Michael said the act of designing and building simple carpentry pieces for a home .  Michael said to residential housing to a large - scale projects .